Monday, April 24, 2006

Some sort of Buoy...I Think on the Waukegan Shore

Buoys are used for different purposes, navigational, weather updates, and there are warning or boat guiding buoys. This buoy was right on the corner of the pier we were walking on and the rock pier jutting out to the right so I really can't say what it is used for. Maybe it isn't a buoy. There is a lid on top. Maybe they take water samples but then again why would they climb on top of that thing and not take samples off the side. It could be for measuring water levels. Ok. I can't speculate. If anyone has any ideas. That would be great.


Vancouver Daily Photo said...

This looks like a big lake!

Rob said...

It must be the plug

MoonSoleil said...

Maybe it's a direct connection tunnel to the middle of the earth?
(Or maybe a postbox for mail to Australia... =)