Friday, April 21, 2006

Pigeon Facts

These pigeons were hanging outside of Union Station in Chicago. As people walk by they throw a handful or two of crackers and bread during rush hour. These pigeons had a food arrival after posing for me so they became busy. Pigeons are so cool.

Pigeon Facts:

1. Pigeons mate for life.

2. Both the male and female raise their young (mostly male, toward the end of 'babyhood') all the way until the baby has 'feathered-out' and almost full size.

3. Pigeons hide their nest. That's why you never see baby pigeons-like you might see sparrow's nest for example.

4. Pigeons were and are cliff dwellers. That's why they are so adept at living in skyscraper cities.

5. Pigeon parents spoil their two babies. They only lay two eggs so they can. It's called non pareil.

6. Pigeons drink like horses and suck water up in a big drink.

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3rdfloor20 said...

Why did you ruin that great river shot by putting some pigeons in the frame? Just kidding. Interesting facts. I think they hide their nests so no one can find them and make them extinct. Don't get me wrong, I like pigeons and have even posted pictures of them on my blog, but some people hate pigeons.


Michael said...

Pigeons are practically the only thing internationally recognized for all of their good and bad qualities. Good shot.

Not sure if you've already posted something on Wisconsin cheese yet, (I'll check), but a big hunk of cheddar would be an appetizing photo!

Rob said...

Nice pic and interesting facts. I wonder what the world pigeon population is

Nicola said...

Thanks for sharing this information! Learned something new again today :).