Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The Kong Restaurant, Waukegan, Illinois

This restaurant is near my work and it's got a great variety of Asian food at inexpensive lunch prices ($5.00-7.00 a plate). It has an enormous fish tank with Koi fish and we were lucky enough to sit right by it. The building seems to be at a crooked angle but I just remembered it's at the bottom of a hill. I love the sign-it's so 1950's French-looking. The sign, brick building and the Chinese restaurant sign all seem to be of a different decorating style not unlike a lot of businesses in small town America that are on a tight budget.


Nairobi Paul said...

Love the clash in styles! So small town America, as you observe.

(Hopefully I'll provide some pix of divergent styles here in Kenya, in the coming months.)

3rdfloor20 said...

As they say at Mickey D's "I'm lovin it!" Thanks for the shot. I miss American Chinese food. Doesn't quite taste the same as German Chinese food. How's the Japanese food there?

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