Sunday, May 14, 2006

Michael Wasnowski

Michael Wasnowski, who lives on my brother-in-law's farm, is the mother of these two farm kittens. Um, I couldn't resist. It is Mother's Day after all. My brother-in-law, and my sister for that matter, love Disney anything and he has named all the farm cats, cows, and dogs after Disney characters. I couldn't get a good shot of Stinky Pete, the cat. Anyway, Michael Wasnowski is a character on Monsters, Inc. With that mostache she isn't the most masculine looking cat in the world. I had to run into the barn and drop off some dinner for my brother-in-law (my sister hates to get smelly and always bribes me into going in). I tried hard not to touch and pick up anything so I wouldn't have to take a shower but it was too hard. Stinky Pete is so sweet and chubby.