Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The Jack Benny Fan Club

We couldn't find anyone to take our picture so we could all be in this. So I took a separate picture of Juan on the left. Brendan and I are on the right. The other day when I put up a streetscape of Waukegan one of the comments came up, "Waukegan, home of Jack Benny." So by coincedence we found this statue as we were walking during lunch. Waukegan is also the home of Ray Bradbury who wrote Dandalion Wine. I took a picture of his house on the way back to work and the creek he wrote about but they didn't turn out. Pictures taken from car windows seldom do. Anyway, I digress. Jack Benny invested a lot of money into this city once he made it big and there is a street, a school, and a park named after him here.

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Nicola said...

Hm, haven't heard of Jack Benny yet, but I'll keep my eyes open from now on.