Thursday, May 11, 2006

Ladies of the Lake

This Fountain was donated by a local artist and was almost declined for the downtown placement. I understand some of the citizens thought it was too nudey. It looks more sexual in this shot but overall it's framed in a cement ring painted sky blue which is ugly and the water is literally dark pea green. Those two faults are very distracting and really bring the overall lookof this to a lower level than I think it deserves. I chose to publish this particular shot because the sculpture is gorgeous. It's all made from pressed copper plates. Isn't the color interesting? There's water pouring out all over. You can see a peek at the green water and the blue ring framing it in. The upkeep or lack of is pretty shameful I think.


Nairobi Paul said...

Fun sculpture.

And I loved the Belvidere Bench!

Marieta said...

Interesting colours - I like it

heidi said...

thanks for the comments.