Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Catching some lunch by Lake Michigan

On the left is my friend Juan (pronounced Ha-Juan to all Hispanics) and on the right, Brendan who is going to Graduate school in the fall to study Urban Planning. He has worked with the homeless population in Waukegan for the past year and before that was a social worker in Boston. He's smart and has a dry sense of humor. Juan is a also a case manager and is never without a joke or smile. He comes from Waukegan and has 13 bothers and sisters. His family was one of the first in Waukegan to immigrate from Puerto Rico. As we drive back to work Brendan and I are always indundated with murderous facts pertaining to various houses-"There was a murder in that house, and that one had a..." (details always follow). Today on our way back, as we were going down a street he told a gruesome tale of his cousin, who was riding his bike out into the road and not paying attention. He got hit sideways by a semi truck. You can probably imagine the gruesome details here, but Juan also said that this cousin was also his only friend as a child. Juan was a chubby kid who loved food and hated bathing. I threw in, "and you didn't brush your teeth, right?" he responds with a quick, "What for?!" So he was a smelly fat kid with bad breath and like Juan said, his cousin accepted him and was his friend. Juan said he cried so hard and so loud at the funeral his Mom made him leave.


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