Saturday, July 29, 2006

Catchin' some perch...

So Brendan, Juan and I were hiking down the pier in Waukegan, it's like, oh, 150 degrees or it felt like it. The sun was blasting its heat on the top of our heads and as we walked by these two kids, Juan nonchalantly asks, "Catch anything?" They answer, "Yeah."
And for some reason, we keep walking, we all didn't listen for their answer. They were fishing so close to the shore and docks (see in background) that I personally wouldn't think any fish would come that far in and in warmer water. So the one red-haired boy yells at us, "I said Yeah!" and all three of us come to a dead halt, back-up and, of course we are all over these kids, "How many did you get?" "Where are they?" and up they pull a string of fish. "Cool, we all say." "That's great!" "Good job!" "Who's going to clean them?" "Are you going to eat them tonight?" (We all love kids).

This is one of the greatest shots I ever took. I wish I could of got a release. I could of sent it into the local paper. Don't they look happy and proud? It's a day in the life of an American boy.

By the way, I started a part-time job so I won't be posting every day anymore. So anyone who is linked to me and pulls me off because I'm not posting a picture a day-I won't cry.

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