Friday, June 23, 2006

Runnin' him out of town

It's not against the law to be homeless but apparently it's against the law to be offensive. This man was at our local McDonald's the other day. His hands were as black as coal, and his face was just as dirty. He wore a ripped up, bent-up graying plastic stenson hat with white hair spiking out the sides. He was probably, oh, 100 years old. He had a stack of Bibles on his table with a message tented on top. It ressembed one of his signs on the car. I asked him if I could take a picture of his car. He was delighted. I think he lives out of the car. He used to ride up and down the streets of Milwaukee with a amplifier shouting warnings to all the sinners to repent-or was that someone else? Anyway he's in our suburb now. Just today the two squads pulled him over. He seemed pretty calm sitting in the drivers seat sipping soda from a McDonald's cup.

Oh, and he's calling me in a week to get copies of the pictures I took. I gave him my work number.


Mark said...

Great story, I love ecentrics they make the world go round.Lol

3rdfloor20 said...

I remember that guy from Milwaukee. He's been driving that car around forever. It almost makes you believe, since the car still runs after 20 years.