Friday, June 02, 2006

the five mile walk to heaven

The other day my friends, Brendan & Juan and I all went walking to try to slim down. I read that if you walk a half hour a day you can loose a pound a week. I read it, so it must be true. Anyway we walked far, it was hot, so as we were passing by, Juan says, "Oh, smell that Mexican bakery." Of course, Brendan and I agreed it was wonderful. As Juan always does on our Weightloss walks, he says, "Come on you guys, let's get a pastry. I've got $20.00." We weaved in to the store and picked out our favorites. They give you a tray and tongs for self-serve. It's soooo cool. So we were all happy, walking back and we are all, "Oh, mines the best." and "No, mine's the best." We are all sharing bites so we can try each others out. So then I say, "Juan, want to try mine and he takes a little bite and then I say, "Brendan?" and he does and takes a huge bite! I had already taken a small bite of his out of politeness.

He wouldn't hand his over to me so I could even out the bite. I will never offer another bite to Brendan again. No matter how much he begs. My Dad use to do that to me with cheeseburgers and ice cream.