Thursday, March 23, 2006

upside down cigarettes

so, in Illinois, a 16 year old can sell cigarettes to an 18 year old.

cigarettes can be sold out of a vending machine if under the direct supervision of the owner of the establishment or an employee 18 years of age. (720 ILCS 675/2) make sense?

ah...i didn't see any owner is this corner of the restaurant.

oh, and a sign posted in a conspicuous place upon the premises must be in plain view: ‘SURGEON GENERAL’S WARNING: SMOKING BY PREGNANT WOMEN MAY RESULT IN FETAL INJURY, PREMATURE BIRTH, AND LOW BIRTH WEIGHT’ (410 ILCS 85/4)...............see it? don't you see it? oh, it's that smoke-faded sticker in the upper right-hand corner.

notice how the cigarettes are all upside down?

i think the law is upside down.


3rdfloor20 said...

What was that kid smoking, anyway?

I remember when I could buy cigarettes from a vending machine at the bar when I was a teenager. That was quite a while ago. I don't think there were any laws at all then. When I was a boy, I would buy candy cigarettes that were made out of bubblegum. I don't smoke anymore, but I still have a nasty gum habit.

Rob said...

No sense at all: Does the owner have to stand by the machine all day?

chris.h. said...

Evil,evil,evil---Im the WORST ex-smoker I know!!!

Anonymous said...

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