Tuesday, March 28, 2006

bender park & fitzsimmons road, oak creek wisconsin-i was braver than i thought

after i took some breathtaking shots down by lake michigan i thought i'd do a little research on the history of the park. it turns out that the road, now blocked off, was used as a dragstrip in the 30's through the 1950's. if you went over the cliff, you won, which means probably died, which sounds ridiculous. even though i saw nothing but tranquility it's listed as a very haunted place (unconfirmed). one man reported a car driving right through them and hitting a ghost teenage girl. i went back through my photos and i don't see anything. people say you can hear screaming and yelling. i heard nothing but birds and the water. here's a picture of the road. the road doesn't look 60 years old. just up the road, 1/4 mile or so a farmer went crazy and killed his family and neighbors. yikes.