Tuesday, July 24, 2007


My Grandpa used to say that weeds are just flowers misplaced. They are something to enjoy and wonder about.

I'm not sure which variety of thistle this is but here are my options:

Platte thistle, Canadian thistle, Wavyleaf thistle, Musk thistle, Bull thistle, Field thistle, Scotch thistle, Tall thistle, Yellow Star thistle, Italian thistle, and the Plumeless thistle

The fuzz of thistles has been collected to stuff pillows and the oil of the seeds were used to burn and cook with. The thistle has been used to treat some cancers and ulcers.
A single musk thistle plant can produce up to 20,000 seeds. Those seeds can stay in the soil up to seven years and grow again.

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Stuttf├│tur said...

I agree with your grandpa - what a lovely thought!
I fight an endless fight against paradise tree seedlings in my tiny container garden, and I can't help admiring their strong will to live.. as I pull them up and grumble!